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This code working fine in FF but giving error in IE

object expected error line 1 char 1

jquery code

$(function () {
    $('#header_images img:gt(0)').hide();
    setInterval(function () {
        $('#header_images :first-child').fadeOut().next('img').fadeIn().end().appendTo('#header_images');
    }, 3000);

this is added in external.js file.

Edit: 7 September

This is how i added the JavaScript in <head>

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/script.js"></script>

This code which i added in question , is in script.js as it is

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Have you tried enabling IE8's debugger? If not, you should definitely try that. – strager Sep 6 '10 at 4:32
What do your <script> tags look like? It sounds like jQuery may not be included correctly in the page, or another script tag screws up everything beneath it. – Nick Craver Sep 6 '10 at 10:43
@Nick Craver - but this error only coming in IE – Jitendra Vyas Sep 7 '10 at 15:02
gear-solid - Different browsers handle invalid HTML in different ways... – Nick Craver Sep 7 '10 at 16:02
@Nick Craver - I added my js links in question – Jitendra Vyas Sep 7 '10 at 19:21

this is how I'm using similar code without any issues:

$(function() {
            $('#slideshow img:gt(0)').hide();
              $('#slideshow :first-child').fadeOut('slow')
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yours and mine code looks same. but i'm getting error – Jitendra Vyas Sep 6 '10 at 4:34
mine has an extra semi-colon. can you replace your code with mine and try? – Moin Zaman Sep 6 '10 at 4:35
also is this the only code you have in your dom ready? it could something before this. – Moin Zaman Sep 6 '10 at 4:35
No i have this code directly in external javascript file. – Jitendra Vyas Sep 6 '10 at 4:37
Now i'm using this $(document).ready(function(){ $(function() { $('#header_images img:gt(0)').hide(); setInterval(function(){ $('#header_images :first-child').fadeOut('slow') .next('img').fadeIn('slow') .end().appendTo('#header_images');}, 4000); }); }); but error still here – Jitendra Vyas Sep 6 '10 at 5:19

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