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I need to create a service that will send forex prices to thousands of connected clients. I'm thinking that i can use rabbitmq fanout exchange for this and clients can subscribe to the instruments they are interested in. My question is, would it be safe to have a client application connect directly to rabbitmq? or is it a better decision to manage the connection to rabbitmq from a custom tcpserver application and have clients connect through my tcpserver?

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Unless you have a very specific reason (for instance, you want a load balancer in front of a RabbitMQ cluster), there's no reason to (reverse) proxy RabbitMQ.

In addition, trying to manage the connection through am application would raise quite a few problems. For instance, 2.0.0 uses TCP back-pressure in order to throttle clients; you'd have to handle this somehow.

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But would there be any security implications to exposing rabbitmq like that? – Jerome Sep 6 '10 at 15:56
RabbitMQ itself is fairly secure. It does provide a password-based login system. On top of that, you can use SSL to ensure the identity of the clients and to encrypt the connection. – scvalex Sep 6 '10 at 17:12

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