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What is the use of @property and @synthesize? Can you explain with an example please?

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help yourself, read a book or Apple's Objective C introduction:… – Gregory Pakosz Oct 11 '11 at 11:00

Really short answer: They create accessors for the ivars.

There are some examples on wikipedia. Look at those.

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From the apple developer library:

You can think of a property declaration as being equivalent to declaring two accessor methods. Thus

@property float value;

is equivalent to:

- (float)value;

- (void)setValue:(float)newValue;

And by using @synthesize, the compiler creates accessor methods for you (see more here)

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// Sample for @property and @sythesize //

@interface ClassA

  NSString *str; 


@implementation ClassA


The Main Function main()

//make sure you #import ClassA

ClassA *obj=[[ClassA alloc]init];

obj.str=@"XYZ"; // That time it will give the error that we don't have the getter or setter method. To use string like this we use @property and @sythesize
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