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I moved one of the FitNesse Page to another one. I found that I moved it to the wrong place. I went to that wrong path and deleted that page. As I moved the original page, I am not able to locate that.

Can anybody has any idea of recovering a deleted page?

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this is why it's a good idea to store your fitnesse tests in version control. –  ryber Sep 9 '10 at 16:02

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Pages in the Fitnesse wiki are stored as text files directly in the filesystem - deleting a page deletes the file (doesn't go to recycle bin or anything).

So there's no way to recover the file unless you're using a source control system.

(Or if the wiki is on a server, say, and nightly backups are taken, you could recover the file from the nightly backup, perhaps).

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we can restore deleted contet of wiki page with a tool called Recuva...it is amazing tool...

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