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I have three document types MainCategory, Category, SubCategory... each have a parentid which relates to the id of their parent document.

So I want to set up a view so that I can get a list of SubCategories which sit under the MainCategory (preferably just using a map function)... I haven't found a way to arrange the view so this is possible.

I currently have set up a view which gets the following output -


Which QueryString parameters would I use to get say the rows which have a key that starts with ["22945".... When all I have (at query time) is the id "11810" (at query time I don't have knowledge of the id "22945").

If any of that makes sense.


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The way you store your categories seems to be suboptimal for the query you try to perform on it. has a page on various strategies to implement tree-structures (they should apply to Couch and other doc dbs as well) - you should consider Array of Ancestors, where you always store the full path to your node. This makes updating/moving categories more difficult, but querying is easy and fast.

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Marcel Thanks for your input. I have taken your advice and gone with the "Array of Ancestors"... It works really well. – dworrad Sep 8 '10 at 11:45
I have also created a list function to spit out the flat views into a tree structure which also works well. – dworrad Sep 8 '10 at 11:46

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