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I open outlook from my Winfoms application. I want to open outlook in reply mode. How can I do this.


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so you want to open outlook and have it ready to send an email to a prefered receiver.

the quick and dirty fix i think is to have a hidden webbrower in your program and let the browser navigate to mailto:mail@mail.com?subject=somekindsubject which will open the default email client on the machine.

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The mailto can be used with a lot of parameters

Check out the parameters here



Eg (Taken from MSDN)


UPDATE: Attachments i think are not supported due to security reasons and I strongly agree with it as well.

However Outlook 2003 seems to be accepting the parameter "attachments" according to someone who has posted in MSDN.

string email = "mailto:name@domain.com?attachments=\"\"C:\\file.txt\"\"";       


This is the best i could do and i cannot test it as I do not have Outlook 2003. But even if it works in Outlook 2003, i strongly urge you not to use the attachment parameter as it may not be supported by different programs.

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You can use something like:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("mailto:mail@address.com?subject=Sample subject");

Which will open the default email application filling in the to and subject fields. You can find more options here.

Edit: this takes a bit of time on my system, so make sure that if your user has a slower computer they'll know what's going on. Also, you should handle the case when they don't have Outlook or another mail program installed if it's a possibility.

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