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How to add items to the drop down list of a combo box in a datagridview?

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The DataGridViewComboBoxColumn has an Items-Property which you can use like this:

DataGridViewComboBoxColumn theColumn = (DataGridViewComboBoxColumn)this.YourDataGrid.Column("YourColumn");

Edit: Do not forget that you need to cast the Column to the right type, because they're a of the generic DataGridViewColumn-Type.

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There are various ways of achieving your goal, here's one of them, that just might do the trick

This method consists of two steps.

1) Create a ComboBox & Add contents to it

2) Add the Items if The ComboBox to your DataGridComboBox

Step 1)

ComboBox CB= new ComboBox();

Step 2)

((DataGridViewComboBoxColumn)MyDataGrid.Columns["MyDataGridColumnName"]).DataSource = CB.Items ;
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