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As the title suggests. I want to be able to change the label of a single field in the admin application. I'm aware of the Form.field attribute, but how do I get my Model or ModelAdmin to pass along that information?

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the verbose name of the field is the (optional) first parameter at field construction.

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Building on Javier's answer; if you need one label in forms (on the front-end) and another label on admin it is best to set internal (admin) one in the model and overwrite it on forms. Admin will of course use the label in the model field automatically.

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If your field is a property (a method) then you should use short_description:

class Person(models.Model):

    def address_report(self, instance):
    # short_description functions like a model field's verbose_name
    address_report.short_description = "Address"
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As Javier suggested you can use verbose name in your fields in model.py. Example as below,

class Employee(models.Model):
     name = models.CharField(max_length = 100)
     dob = models.DateField('date of birth',verbose_name='Date Of Birth')
     doj = models.DateField(verbose_name='Date Of Joining')
     mobile=models.IntegerField(max_length = 12)
     email = models.EmailField(max_length=50)
     bill = models.BooleanField(db_index=True,default=False)
     proj = models.ForeignKey(Project, verbose_name='Project')

Here the dob,doj and proj files will display its name in admin form as per the verbose_name mentioned to those fields.

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