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I am trying to solve following problem:
I have a system with which communication is done through SOAP (XML over http).
In Jmeter I am using SOA/XML-RPC (not wsdl based webservice).
I am sending one SOAP request and receiving response in vollowing tag


This number changes from time to time and goal is to get that number in that tag put it as user defined variable and pass it to another SOAP/XML-RPC

Mine jmeter test plan looks like that

-User defined variabla - here I have empty varaibla named "var'

-SOAP/XML- RPC (this SOAP REQUEST causes that RESPONSE is received)
- XPath Extractor with

          reference name: var
          XPath Query: //*[local-name()='Prodrevision']/text()

(this should according to FAQ's process/parse response and asssign it to variable var)

-SOAP/XML-RPC - and in this XML request SOAP/XML-RPC data field has

..xml data
...xml data

But I am not sending anything in the second request ??? mine requests hits server but there is no value. Where I made a mistake?

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Whenever you see ${variableName} in the request, it means the variable hasn't been defined. Most likely, it's an issue with how XPath is setup. I've never used that component, so unfortunately I can't help you there.

However, I've found the post processor Regular Expression Extractor to be very easy and accurate.

The structure would like this:

1st Soap Request
  -- regular expression stored to "var"
 2nd Soap Request, using ${var}
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The problem has been partially solved. There was an issue in a wrong or badly, for JMeter, defined XPath query

      reference name: var
      XPath Query://name[contains(text(),'Prodrevision')]/parent::multiRef/value

After the XPath query I have added beanshell postprocessor with following code

      print("Beanshell processing  SOAP response");
      print("var" +${var} );

So finally I see what value is being grabbed by the XPath extractor.

I have also installed xpather 1.4.5 as a Firefox add-on. And opened XML response and tuned a bit XPath query to have a proper answer. Then this was copied to JMeter and worked.

Next, in SOAP request that had to be sent by JMeter, I have put my XPath extractor value in the following way:

<name xsi:type="soapenc:string">Prodrevision</name>
<value xsi:type="soapenc:string">${var}</value>

and this again worked well for one thread.

Problem at this moment is with threads. If there is more than 1 (one) thread, it is generating wrong requests :-(

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