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I have to pass an argument of the type Pointer to a function from an external DLL.

  • How do I create a pointer to a procedure which I can then pass to the function?
  • Can I also pass a pointer to a class member function to the external function, or will that not work?
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Just use @MyProcedure for that.

Beware that it has to have the right calling convention (probably stdcall).

You usually can't use a member function, because it has a hidden SELF parameter.

A class static method acts like a usual procedure/function though.

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+1, also for including the link to the docs – Marjan Venema Sep 6 '10 at 18:45

Create this type if procedure (or function) is method

  TMyProc = Procedure(x:Integer;y:Integer) of Object;

or this

  TMyProc = Procedure(x:Integer;y:Integer);

if procedure is stand alone.


//Some class method
Procedure TfrmMain.Add(x:Integer;y:Integer);

//Another class method that uses procedure as parameter
procedure Name(proc : TMyProc);

//Call with:

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