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I want to profile (keep an Eye on) all the activities that goes on in a Database which is in PostgreSQL.

Is there any such utility which will help me do this?

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For "keeping an eye", I use pgtop, a program which deliberately mimics Unix 'top' command.

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To save someone a minute or two: I found this only under the package name ptop in Debian, though the command itself is called pg_top. – Gunnlaugur Briem Sep 1 '09 at 20:42

"Keep an eye on" and "profile" are two quite different tasks in my view.

For profiling (not a live view on what's going on right now, but to see which queries take most time etc), check out pgFouine:


This will let you see which queries are resource intensive, and take appropriate action: Add missing indexes, rewrite queries using other techiques etc.

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Well, if you're looking at what's going on, regarding selects, updates, deletes, and so on, there are a few tables in the pg_catalog schema, I mainly use pg_stat_user_tables and pg_stat_user_indexes but there are many more, all within pg_stat*.

There also is the pg_stat_activity view which tells you what's running on your server right now.

I've hacked together four munin plugins that uses the user_tables and user_indexes, they're available there

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mat, do you still have the plugins available somewhere? The link points to 404 not found – Antony Sep 18 '11 at 16:07
Hum, unless I'm mistaken, munin comes with a dozen plugins for postgresql that do exactly what mine did. If I'm mistaken, tell me, I'll try to find out what happened with the ones I crafted. – mat Oct 4 '11 at 15:22

Since rebra answer another profiling tool pgbadger went out. You can find it here: http://dalibo.github.io/pgbadger/

you can get a very detailed report and graphs.

pgfouine is not maintained anymore, last update was in 2010.

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