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I have a requirement for my R&D which seems to be tricky.

I want to create a client jar for an EJB application.

Consider that I have an EJB application and its jars with me. I just need to create a client jar for that EJB application.

To create it, I need the server to be running. But my requirement is that, I have to create the jar without having the server started.

I tried few stuffs but the adminclient creation tries to create a SOAP connector port at a specified address which is failing for me.

PS: I am trying this expt on Windows platform.

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Just an advice: Do not include more than 2 'question marks [?]' in your question. Actually, 1 is just enough. – Andreas Grech Dec 13 '08 at 12:06

Use astk (

import ear -> right-click jar-> generate client jar.

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