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I've got a program that uploads photos and uses a background task to do this.

At the moment it only uploads to one destination but eventually I would like it to upload to several destinations. (Also in the background).

Is it possible to have more than one background task running or should I have one background task that does everything?

i.e. 3 background tasks with one upload each or one background task doing 3 uploads?

Thanks for any advice with this.


::EDIT:: I realise I should probably be uploading to an online repository and then linking it but at the moment I'd like to get this working.

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Clarify one thing for me; by background tasks do you mean a separate thread while the application is active, or background execution while the user is using another application? –  dannywartnaby Sep 6 '10 at 12:53
I've been running it using the background API (i.e. to continue running whilst the user is using another app). Is this not right? This is also triggered by the stupidly long named CaptureImageAsynchronouslyBlahBlahBlah method from the AVFoundation so I had assumed it was also running in its own thread? So technically it is both. Thanks –  Fogmeister Sep 6 '10 at 13:23

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