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I have many narrow columns with very long labels. I want to rotate the labels by 90 degrees. Is it possible?

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You will probably have to subclass QTableWidgetItem and implement your own vertical text painting. Then use setHorizontalHeaderItem() on your table to point to an instance of your new widget.

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When searching for an answer to this questions I found many hints, but no real answer. The hints tell one to subclass QHeaderView and re-implement paintSection. When I tried to do so in PyQt4 and tried to implement paintSection from scratch, following the source of QHeaderView, I was not successful. However, simply rotating the painter instance and adjusting all the size hints was successful. The code works for horizontal headers only and is nicely compact:

from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore

class RotatedHeaderView( QtGui.QHeaderView ):
    def __init__(self, orientation, parent=None ):
        super(RotatedHeaderView, self).__init__(orientation, parent)

    def paintSection(self, painter, rect, logicalIndex ):
        # translate the painter such that rotate will rotate around the correct point
        painter.translate(rect.x()+rect.width(), rect.y())
        # and have parent code paint at this location
        newrect = QtCore.QRect(0,0,rect.height(),rect.width())
        super(RotatedHeaderView, self).paintSection(painter, newrect, logicalIndex)

    def minimumSizeHint(self):
        size = super(RotatedHeaderView, self).minimumSizeHint()
        return size

    def sectionSizeFromContents(self, logicalIndex):
        size = super(RotatedHeaderView, self).sectionSizeFromContents(logicalIndex)
        return size
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