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I want to compare a date from a database that is between 2 given dates. The column from the database is DATETIME, and I want to compare it only to the date format, not the datetime format.

SELECT * FROM `players` WHERE CONVERT(CHAR(10),us_reg_date,120) >= '2000-07-05' AND CONVERT(CHAR(10),us_reg_date,120) <= '2011-11-10'

I get this error when I execute the SQL above:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'us_reg_date,120) >= '2000-07-05' AND CONVERT(CHAR(10),us_reg_date,120) <= '2011-' at line 1

How can this problem be fixed?

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You can try below query,

select * from players
    us_reg_date between '2000-07-05'
    DATE_ADD('2011-11-10',INTERVAL 1 DAY)
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That is SQL Server syntax for converting a date to a string. In MySQL you can use the DATE function to extract the date from a datetime:

FROM players
WHERE DATE(us_reg_date) BETWEEN '2000-07-05' AND '2011-11-10'

But if you want to take advantage of an index on the column us_reg_date you might want to try this instead:

FROM players
WHERE us_reg_date >= '2000-07-05'
  AND us_reg_date < '2011-11-10' + interval 1 day
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This works for me:

select date_format(date(starttime),'%Y-%m-%d') from data
where date(starttime) >= date '2012-11-02';

Note the format string '%Y-%m-%d' and the format of the input date.

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