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I am interested in syncing CoreData data amongst several apps running on iPhone, iPad and MacOSX. I found ZSync project from Mr Zarra but did not find any related tutorial. I contacted Mr Zarra who is always working on improving ZSync (thanks for that) and do not have planned yet to write a tutorial.

Any of you have implemented ZSync functionality into your apps and could provide a quick tutorial or a link to such tutorial?

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Dang, Marcus is lazy. He probably spent labor day with his family instead of writing code for us. ;-) – TechZen Sep 7 '10 at 16:55
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I don't know if this videocan be qualified as a proper tutorial but it should serve as pretty good introduction to ZSync.

From the description:

In this session, Marcus discusses his solution to local network data synchronization using Core Data and his new open source project ZSync. The session walks through how the synchronization of data works between a Mac OS X desktop/laptop and a Cocoa Touch device. This synchronization works whether the associated desktop application is running or not and has the added bonus of being able to synchronize with MobileMe if the end user happens to have an account.This video has been made available for FREE to support the Open Source effort of ZSync

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Thank you! I have been looking for a good link to this video! – Jeremie Weldin Nov 27 '11 at 19:22

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