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Is there any function to get the OS type and version?

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I don't know about *nix I am afraid, but you could simply use io popen to obtain the result so for example on Windows the following will return the standard Windows Version information

local f = io.popen("ver") -- runs command
local l = f:read("*a") -- read output of command
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kk thanks...i will try to use uname -a on linux..that works :) – boltsfrombluesky Sep 6 '10 at 15:07

uname of course prints out the kernel version, but if you want to know the distro version you could use lsb_release -a if it is available (check comment by Roman Cheplyaka).

local f = io.popen("lsb_release -a")
local s = f:read("*a")
--# Do something with s...

The flow is the same as in the windows version.

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/etc/issue serves completely different purpose and is not guaranteed to contain version or even to have some predefined format (read man 5 issue for details). On LSB-conforming system you can use lsb_release command (try lsb_release -a). Note that in Debian you need to install package lsb-release in order to have this command. On Debian you can also analyse /etc/debian_version (that's what lsb-release does in Debian), most of the other distributions also have similar files. – Roman Cheplyaka Sep 6 '10 at 17:01
@Roman Yep you are right, thanks! I edited my answer. – ponzao Sep 6 '10 at 17:54

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