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I have created a class that inherits from RadioButtonList in order to add a GroupName attribute to each list item. (why it was not there already I have no idea).

This works as expected when it is rendered, but does not persist the selected items on postback.

public class GroupedRadioButtonList : RadioButtonList
    [Bindable(true), Description("GroupName for all radio buttons in list.")]
    public string GroupName

    protected override void RenderItem(ListItemType itemType, int repeatIndex, RepeatInfo repeatInfo, System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer)
        RadioButton radioButton = new RadioButton();
        radioButton.Page = this.Page;
        radioButton.GroupName = this.GroupName;
        radioButton.ID = this.ClientID + "_" + repeatIndex.ToString();
        radioButton.Text = this.Items[repeatIndex].Text;
        radioButton.Attributes["value"] = this.Items[repeatIndex].Value;
        radioButton.Checked = this.Items[repeatIndex].Selected;
        radioButton.TextAlign = this.TextAlign;
        radioButton.AutoPostBack = this.AutoPostBack;
        radioButton.TabIndex = this.TabIndex;
        radioButton.Enabled = this.Enabled;            


Does anyone know what I am missing?


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You need to implement the IPostBackDataHandler interface and handle a couple of methods. I'm giving you something I used in a similar control, only I extended the individual RadioButton control and not the list. I added custom Value and GroupName attributes to the button then initialized the value upon postback.

#region IPostBackDataHandler Members
    void IPostBackDataHandler.RaisePostDataChangedEvent()

    bool IPostBackDataHandler.LoadPostData(string postDataKey, NameValueCollection postCollection)
        bool result = false;
        //check if a radio button in this button's group was selected
        string value = postCollection[GroupName];
        if ((value != null) && (value == Value)) //was the current radio selected?
            if (!Checked) //select it if not already so
                Checked = true;
                result = true;
        else //nothing or other radio in the group was selected
            if (Checked) //initialize the correct select state
                Checked = false;
        return result;

Apologies for a not very optimized code :)

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Thanks! I'll give that a try. I have actually now overridden RenderContents instead and got it to work, but this seems cleaner. –  Craig Sep 6 '10 at 16:04
2 years on and I'm having the same problem. I'm using the exact same code as @Craig but when I set radioButton.GroupName = this.GroupName; LoadPostData never gets fired. It only gets fired if radioButton.GroupName = this.UniqueID;. Any ideas?? –  GFoley83 Jul 1 '13 at 21:57

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