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I had a look here:

Every solution is for IE on Windows. I am using Firefox on Mac. Is there a way to click on OK of a JavaScript alert box?

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Proper handling of alerts and prompts is still being worked on in WebDriver, but a common workaround is to overwrite the window functions using execute_script(), i.e.

browser.execute_script("window.alert = function(msg) { window.lastAlert = msg; }")
browser.button(:id => "trigger-alert").click
browser.execute_script("return window.lastAlert") #=> "the message"

Since I'd like to avoid a bunch of monkey patches floating around (a common problem in the Watir community), I've added some helper methods as an optional require - after the next release you should be able to do:

require "watir-webdriver/extensions/alerts"

browser.alert do
  browser.button(:id => "alert").click 
end #=> "the alert message"

browser.confirm(true) do
  browser.button(:id => "confirm").click
end #=> "the confirm message"  

browser.prompt("returned value") do
  browser.button(:id => "prompt").click 
end #=> { :message => "foo", :default => "bar" }

Note that this is temporary and the API may be removed in the future when the issue is resolved in WebDriver.


Proper alert handling is now implemented. The above example would now be done like this:

browser.button(:id => "alert").click

browser.button(:id => "confirm").click
browser.alert.ok # or browser.alert.close

browser.button(:id => "prompt").click
alert = browser.alert
alert.text #=> "foo"
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I had an error using browser.alert and I fixed it with a hack, but you might want to had a look: – rtacconi Sep 8 '10 at 11:10
The current behaviour is correct - if the button doesn't exist, it should raise an error. The idea is that you will write your own code in the block that will trigger the alert. – jarib Sep 9 '10 at 13:58
Sorry, I was calling it in the wrong place. However I tried your code but does not click any alert: assert_exists': unable to locate element, using {:value=>"OK", :tag_name=>"button"} – rtacconi Sep 13 '10 at 16:15
The code in the block should contain the action needed to trigger the alert. Check out the tests here and the corresponding HTML here… for an example of how it works. – jarib Sep 13 '10 at 21:57
The links in Jarib's comment are broken since watir is now it's own thing.…… – Jim Munro Jan 24 '12 at 23:12

I know that the iMacros for Firefox addon can click these alert boxes. Maybe you can combine it with our setup?

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