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I need something which has a lot of indicators for technical analysis, like moving averages, bollinger bands, etc for usage in java (im actually using clojure). I know of TA-Lib , but is there any other active ones out there?

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ActiveQuant seems to be still alive and i used it a few years ago. But TA-Lib is the best for what you want, at least in Java.

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I released a Java library for technical analysis: ta4j

It comes with several indicators (including moving averages and Bollinger bands) and a strategy building engine.

It's available on Maven Central and it's MIT licensed.

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As per my experience in the case of technical analysis python is the best option. In the case of simple calculations java is just fine but for more complex and modified calculations java will give give a real headache especially in the case of testing. So best way is do all your technical analysis calculations in python and load those in database or csv and read those by java. These is plenty of libraries for python is available.

check this link Financial technical analysis in python .

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Why are calculations best to perform on Python rather than Java? And what are "modified calculations"? Thank you –  Matthew Jul 7 at 14:47

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