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I am looking to revive some old C++ code, developed in Turbo C++ for DOS. It's a console-based text game.

This app makes heavy use of conio.h - the Turbo C-specific functions (I think) gotoxy(), window() and the like.

I find that Turbo C++ compiler is no longer available for download. Embarcardero/CodeGear/Borland seem to have removed it completely from their sites.

I need to hack together a new prototype based on the legacy app; most of the functionality is present in the old app and would be too much to rewrite (using a library like ncurses which offers similar functionality). I plan to port the application only later, after a demo, to a modern compiler.

How would you suggest I go about this?

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You will probably need to look up ncurses to get this functionality.

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is there no plug and play alternative? have updated the question to reflect this. – sonofdelphi Sep 6 '10 at 17:44

Someone has written a copy of that file for an open source compiler Borland-style CONIO implementation for MinGW/Dev-C++., might be worth taking a look at.

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I was able to build the app using C++ Builder trial edition. It does not I had to make a new project file though. There is still support for conio.h in C++ Builder.

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