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               new { controller = "Archive", action = "CityState", OP1 = UrlParameter.Optional, OP2 = UrlParameter.Optional },
               new { City="[a-zA-Z]+" ,State = @"[a-zA-Z]{2}", OP1 = @"[a-zA-Z]+" , OP2 =@"\d{4}" });

public ActionResult CityState(string City, string State, string OP1, int OP2)
            var x = City; 
            var y = State;
            var OptionalParameter1= OP1;
            var OptionalParameter2 = OP2;
            return View();

This can map


But not


Can anyone help? Thanks.

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These constraints prevent it from matching what you want:

OP1 = @"[a-zA-Z]+", 
OP2 = @"\d{4}"

As both parameters are required. Modify your regular expression to accept empty values if you want this route to be able to be matched by Archive/Remond/WA. Also remember that only the last parameter can be optional (you cannot have two successive optional parameters as this makes no sense).

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Thanks. By removing the constraints, problem immediately disappears.But if the constraint makes the parameter required, why Archive/Remond/WA/Chemistry worked with OP2 = @"\d{4}"? –  stoto Sep 6 '10 at 18:02

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