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i'm trying to build a website using a jquery horizontal accordion following this handy tutorial

here's the site i've built (new user so only one hyperlink, sorry) at

now, each time i click on a header to open another video tab, firefox is giving me the following error -

Permission denied for <> to call method Location.toString on <>.

i dont have the first idea what this means (being a novice)... any help would be gladly appreciated. please let me know if i need to supply any more details


thanks to mkoistinen who pointed out i forgot any type of code, i've upload a little zip folder - i would just put a snippet of code, but i don't know what snippet would be needed

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Assuming that you are embedding a vimeo player using their iframe embed code, this error is coming from the Vimeo javascript code within the iframe. See for their comment on this - in short you'll have to live with it until they rewrite their embed code!

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You can try the old embed method provided here It's just using the embed object with no iframe.

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Firstly, cool design concept!

Secondly, you haven't really posted any code here, but I wonder if you're passing document.location somewhere and it wants document.location.href? Just a wild guess. Good luck!

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cheers for getting back to me so quickly, and thanks for the design flattery... if i had any idea what section of code to show you, i would... so i've put up a link to all the code - though i fully understand if you dont have the time to trawl all of it. – James Parish Sep 6 '10 at 20:31

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