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The element is:

span    {


    display:none;                 //No display                  
    border: 3px solid #111;

I use this code to remove the display so it can be visible,


but it does not work. Is the method I'm using valid or is there an other way to get the result?

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For this particular purpose, $("span").show() should be good enough.

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show() works great thnx a lot!! – mt0s Sep 6 '10 at 20:15



$('#lol').css('display', '')
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The removeAttr() function only removes HTML attributes. The display is not a HTML attribute, it's a CSS property. You'd like to use css() function instead to manage CSS properties.

But jQuery offers a show() function which does exactly what you want in a concise call:

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You should remove "style" attribute instead of "display" property :

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If you remove style, you completely reset the style. I don't think that someone who opens this question wants to do this. – Errore Fatale Jan 28 at 11:52

The jQuery you're using is manipulates the DOM, not the CSS itself. Try changing the word span in your CSS to .mySpan, then apply that class to one or more DOM elements in your HTML like so:

<span class="mySpan">...</span>

Then, change your jQuery as follows:

$(".mySpan").css({ display : inline });

This should work much better.

Good luck!

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this preserves the original style, good thanks! – roberthuttinger Feb 29 '12 at 17:32

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