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I'm using javascript to request a image generated by the server in real time.

The parameter is passed in the url and grabbed by MVC, and set in the "id" parameter to the controller. Like this:

Public Function Index(ByVal id As String) As ActionResult

This works fine if i dont use any special characters, like "?" or quotes. To send those I have to escape or encode this content, but how should i do it?

I tried javascript escape or encodeURIComponent, but it either gives me "bad request" or "Illegal characters in path"

A sample url would be http://localhost/Imagem/Index/Question%3F, for "Question?"

This returns "Bad request"

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You may find this blog post useful. As you will see there are workarounds but use at your own risk. Add this to your web.config if you are using .NET 4.0:


        <requestFiltering allowDoubleEscaping="true" />

Personally I would recommend you avoid using special characters in an url like this. You could either transform them into some other character using a mapping function or use them only in a query string parameter: http://localhost/Imagem/Index?id=Question%3F

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i used javascript escape and then transformed '%' to something else so IIS/MVC wouldnt complain. thanks! – ariel Sep 7 '10 at 6:54

You are trying to access a image file created by sever at run time.

In above question you are trying to access a image file as Questions?

Image file or any file is not going to have any special chracter included in name so I think it's very obvious error - - illegal characters in path.

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It's not a file, its an image containing "Questions?" written on it, generated real time. – ariel Sep 7 '10 at 4:28
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Thanks for the replies but i worked this around by using escape and then converting the % characters to something i would later in my server code change back to % and unescape myself.

In the client script:

myImg.src = "../../Imagem/Index/" + escape(myValue).replace(/\%/g, "_-_");

In the controller:

Public Function Index(ByVal id As String) As ActionResult
    id = id.Replace("_-_", "%")
    id = HttpUtility.UrlDecode(id, System.Text.Encoding.Default())
    Return New ImageResult(CreateImage(id))
End Function
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