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How to tell IVY to not download source and .txt files. I have a dependency and it downloads license.txt files with it, when i use soemthing like this

<ivy:cachepath pathid="ivy-src-classpath" conf="compile"/>

it put the .txt files in the classpath which errors out while using java task

Unable to obtain resource from /home/muthiah/Work/ivy/cache/org.apache.commons/ error in opening zip file
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In your ivy.xml file add a configuration mapping to the other module's "default" configuration:

<dependency org="commons-lang" name="commons-lang" rev="2.5" conf="compile->default"/>

Without this mapping you're retrieving both the default and optional dependencies of the remote module.

Another good mapping (for Maven modules) to use is:


This will retrieve the remote artifact without it's transient dependencies.

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I had the same issue with multiple error in opening zip file in my ANT output logs, because there were licence .txt files in the classpath. The solution for me was to update the ivy:cachepath entry by adding type="jar":

<ivy:cachepath pathid="ivy-src-classpath" conf="compile" type="jar"/>

This will restrict only jar files to be added to the classpath.

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