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I'd like to investigate Django but I'm running Windows XP. I've installed XMPP and I currently have Python 2.6 installed (is it true that 2.5 is the only version that will work with XMPP?). What else do I need to get up and running? Any tips, recommended IDEs, etc?

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You meant XAMPP, didn't you? –  macbirdie May 26 '09 at 14:07

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As Sam says, for development, use the dev server. Using a "real" server is actually more of a pain because you have to make sure it reloads your project when you make edits. You can also beat it into hosting all your media while in a development environment, if that's what you need (as most people do).

As far as IDE's go, Python is a hard language to provide auto-complete features for due to its dynamic typing. That said PyDev (an Eclipse plug-in) can make life easier for you but it's really down to personal choice.

Half of Django is writing HTML templates, so make sure you've got a good HTML editor to hand as well. Eclipse (IMO, naturally) is far too clunky for this (even with Aptana, et al plugins)

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So if I use the dev server, does that negate the need for XMPP? –  Bullines Dec 13 '08 at 20:53

If your just going to play around with django i'd recommend using the built-in development server. for easyness have a server launcher shortcut in your project folder.

@echo off
python manage.py runserver

As for the IDE, i'd recommend Notepad++.

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If you really need it to work under Apache, try this from the Django docs. Otherwise, use the development server. If you want a simple way to get started, try Instant Django, although this only has Python 2.5.2.

Finally, concerning IDEs, a good text editor such as Notepad++ or SciTE will suffice. If you want a Python IDE, there is a good list at the Python wiki, and SPE has always worked fine for me.

(Oh, and one tip: have two cmd windows open - one for the server and one for testing, syncdb-ing, etc.)

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