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How do I submit updates of packages that I use to the ELPA? Can someone provide an example of how to prepare paredit-22, for example, to put onto the ELPA?

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I think that one of the reasons that ELPA isn't getting many package submissions is that there is still little known about the official ELPA repository(http://elpa.gnu.org/) that will be setup for Emacs 24(which will have ELPA built-in). Without guidelines most people would probably rather wait than duplicate their efforts. There is also a lot of controversy surrounding ELPA - most about its inability to update packages automatically which makes a lot of users question its value at all. I, personally, favor distribution packages over something like ELPA, but not everyone is using GNU/Linux and even there not everyone would agree with me.

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The ELPA website explains exactly what to do:


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If you want more packages for ELPA, than it is available on tromey.com, check out http://marmalade-repo.org/

It could be tricky to configure, so check out also: Adding Marmalade as Package Source

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You can look onto el-get, if you want to use bleeding edge packages...

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