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Could someone can explain me why can't I see a file copied to C:?

Note that if I try to copy it again to the same location, the system ask me if I want to override it.

Not a matter of weird attributes, or common stuffs ;)

Hope I can find an answer here...

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I noted there was a magic "Compatibility files" link in the tool bar. Just clicked on it and the files I had copied suddenly showed up their faces.

Thanks anyway,

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Sounds like you may need to refresh the folder - use F5.

Alternatively, if the file is hidden, you may need to "show hidden files".

To do that, hold down alt -> Tools menu -> Folder options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders.

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Maybe you've set the file of that extension to be hidden? Does it appear with the 'dir /H' command?

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When you type dir /h there comes an error: Invalid switch. Instead you should use: dir /ah – Ramon Araujo Sep 6 '10 at 23:12

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