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I'm trying to get a report going which shows the individual diff-stats per commit (ie. lines added, modified and deleted). CVS had this.

Is there a way to get this from SVN?

I've tried:

svn log --xml -v -r HEAD:234234

But it only shows commit comments, and the files that were added, modified and deleted. I need lines added, modified, and deleted.

How does a tool like StatSVN get this kind of information to present this kind of report?

I'd like to use a tool, but can't (for reasons I beyond my control).

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Possible answer from stackoverflow.com/q/882160/438636 –  Keerthi Ramalingam Sep 7 '10 at 11:25

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I believe you'll have to fetch the diffs (with svn diff) and count the lines yourself (that's what StatSVN does: obviously, it calculates the counts once for each commit and then saves it so that it doesn't have to calculate it over and over).

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Don't know how to do it with svn itself we use svn plot for this over here. These graph are not very detailed but give a good picture.

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