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I got a phptal template question, I have an associative array which contains HTML attribute information, e.g.

attrs['href'] = '';
attrs['id'] = 'the_link';

Is there a way to use the "repeat" to loop through my array and generate the attributes dynamically? (I know how to do it statically)

so I can have

<a href="" id="the_link">abc</a>
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Sorry, TAL doesn't have construct for this. You'll need fixed attributes:

tal:attributes="href attrs/href | nothing; id attrs/id | nothing"

or generate the tag yourself:

 ${structure php:generate_tag(attrs)}
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${structure php:generate_tag(attrs)} where should I put this line into? I have tried this: <input type="text" ${structure php:render_input_attributes(field)}></input> and it failed – James Lin Sep 16 '10 at 20:00
Put it outside tag. It's supposed to output complete tag in an oldschool PHP way. – Kornel Sep 28 '10 at 17:20

Answer above is right -- you can't "loop through attributes"

And I know this is an old thread -- but couldn't you just use tal:attributes -- it seems like it's exactly intended for this automatically. (See

<a tal:attributes="attrs">abc</a>
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