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Searching for "OR" queries on facebook is an exercise in futility as "OR" gets filtered.

Cannot find a way to search for " X or Y or Z "


Results in it only finding posts which contains both Cats and Dogs:

     "id": "100000895865837_129212313793038",
     "from": {
        "name": "Faxon LeCat",
        "id": "100000895865837"
     "message": "Over and over again I see dogs or cats who are \"owner surrenders\" for one reason or another. When you get a pet - it's for life! They are not toys to be returned when you tire of them!",
     "type": "status",
     "created_time": "2010-09-06T22:48:33+0000",
     "updated_time": "2010-09-07T00:32:43+0000",
     "likes": 12


results in:

     "id": "100000573125293_144875485549138",
     "from": {
        "name": "Gianna Fedullo",
        "id": "100000573125293"
     "message": "Dogs and cats are enimies, but yah know the dogs alwaaays winn(; FMS<3 .",
     "type": "status",
     "created_time": "2010-09-07T00:38:23+0000",
     "updated_time": "2010-09-07T00:38:23+0000"

Anyone know the magic invocation that lets it search "OR" ?

Have tried " 'x' or 'y' ", "x|y", "x y", "x,y" etc....

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easy. first you search for cats then you search for dogs and finaly you combine serach results. ta da – Denis Sep 7 '10 at 22:54

Indeed using OR doesn't work. However using a pipe (|) does:


Cheers, Boaz

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You made my day ! Where did you get this info ? – Thomas Decaux Jul 18 '12 at 18:03

It seems that | is not working anymore. I've posted ne question about thet Facebook Graph API search with OR statments.

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Is there a workaround to this issue? Wondering if facebook allows using "OR" operand in the queries? – infinity Dec 22 '12 at 20:01

Have you tried || (double pipe) or capital "OR"?

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