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The command line interface to MySQL works perfectly well in itself, but when using my local copy I'm forced to interact with it using the old-fashioned DOS windows. Is there some way I can redirect it through a better shell?

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Have you tried the MySQL Query Browser? Works cross platform and is much nicer than the plain shell.

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It sounds like a GUI is not really what you were after, but maybe HeidiSQL would be worth a look. It's a GUI frontend for MySQL which I wouldn't say I quite enjoyed using, but I've certainly come across worse ways to talk with a database.

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You should give a try to SQLyog. It has very powerfull query editor with features including Auto-complete, Auto-indentation, Customize foreground and background colours, Flexibiility to execute multiple MySQL queries in one go, and a long list to go... SQLyog Documentation for Query Tab

SQLyog's Query Tab Screenshot

Hope it helps...

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