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I need to have a select with options and JavaScript in each one,

 <% @buscar.each do |j|%>
 <option value="<%= j.cedula_tutor1 %>" onclick="Datos2('j.cedula_tutor1');">
 <%= j.cedula_tutor1 %>

This is what I have made in rails:

<%=select("cedula_tutor1", "nombre",Tutore.all.collect{|u| [u.cedula_tutor1,u.nombre_tutor1]},{}, {:onchange => "Datos2('j.cedula_tutor1'))"})%>

Of course that doesn't work because the j.cedula_tutor1 is outside the loop. How can I make it? I just want to call a JavaScript function giving the j.cedula_tutor as parameters.

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u.j.cedula_tutor1 ? –  Eugene Sep 7 '10 at 3:11
in the j.cedula_tutor1 is u.cedula_tutor1, do you have any example or link where I can see what you mean please... btw thanks por reply... –  jcho360 Sep 8 '10 at 12:55

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you should extend your loop with it. or just make some class variable to access it via parent attribute of child instance. or something like caller.

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