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I am a somewhat experienced rubyist, but I am now starting to do rails development. I know rails is used to make "web applications" but what exactly does that mean? Do you build entire sites with rails or do you build a feature for a website in rails, and integrate it in to an existing website? (I know this question is kind of vague, but any answers to how ROR is used in the creation of websites would be much appreciated).

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Generally speaking, you will build a full site with Rails, though you can integrate it into an existing website, as well. It is designed to provide a top-to-bottom solution for entire websites.

For standalone features or small scripts you just want to expose to the web, you might look at something like Sinatra or Camping.

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What is Ruby on Rails?

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I'm also build some rails applications in that I had entirely use rails to develop my web application. It's quite easy rather than using two or three languages. But when I developed I had to use Javascripts, CSS and Ajax to create more attractively

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For me it's a great framework to build website and minimal knowledge is required although experience and knowledge of ruby gives you an upper hand. I also feel that rails is good not only to build websites but to manage it. Also the support community of rails is awesome and is complemented by guys like Ryan bates with their screen casts. Also when we build a website using ror, we have the flexibility to concentrate on different features at different times or by different person. This gets a great modular structure. So you can design the basic functionality today and tell your colleague to get the views attractive using JS and friends without affecting your functionality. Also the external support for rails (like gems and plug ins) is awesome and makes life heaven!

I would suggest that it's a great framework and the best feature is that it is a very easy to begin and learn but it always surprises you with new things. Thus it allows you to learn a lot!

Hope it helps.

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The website/web application distinction is made because there are many Rails apps in existence with no front end or 'website' to speak of. Using Rails, one could serve JSON amongst a cluster of compute nodes for data aggregation, or text to unix sockets for display on terminals. The uses for Rails are only limited by ones imagination, and you could even use Rails for single host interprocess communication if you desired. This might prove effective for a highly skilled rails programmer rather than learn a new tool to achieve similar results.

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