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Some of basic requirements are:

  1. Basic build scripts requirements like pulling from scm, copying, compiling :)
  2. Compatibility on Windows, Unix (Solaris, HPUX, AIX) and Linux.

I have heard of several good options like scons, ant etc but would like to know what is your favorite choice?
Currently I have 36 kornshell scripts which i need to port as kornshell is not supported properly even in SubSystem for UNIX in windows.

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My vote goes for cmake. It is important for me that it is a meta buildsystem.

CMake generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.

Linux users work with eclipse, windows user with visual studio. I also considered scons with the full power of python behind it but as stated in the scons wiki:

To sum up, my very subjective opinion is that scons is a better idea, but CMake has a stronger implementation

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