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I am trying to use JQuery to search and replace all instances of a given string. JQuery was the only method I found which doesn't force-reload the whole page. This is what I have right now:

$("*").each(function () { 
   if ($(this).children().length == 0) { 

Right now, this replaces most instances of 0101 with 0102 on the page, but it does not replace instances within href links. Does anyone know why? I really need this to find/replace the whole document, through and through.

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Add this

$(this).attr('href', $(this).attr('href').replace('0101','0102'));

The .html() method is only going to replace the html within an element.

.attr() allows you to access the attributes of an element which of course the href is.

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he is using $(this).html() witch would return the element as text such as <a href="...">...</a> there for it would replace correctly. – RobertPitt Sep 7 '10 at 7:57
This didn't work. At what point exactly do I add this code in? Could you post the whole code you suggest? – Julien Sep 7 '10 at 8:08

I believe that your problem lies in the use of .replace(). If you use a string as the search-value, only the first occurrence is replaced. You need to use a regular expression with the global-flag for this:

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This didn't work either. – Julien Sep 7 '10 at 8:15
Have a look at this example: I think selecting the body will fit your intention. Let me know if this works for you. – jwueller Sep 7 '10 at 8:27
When I put this code into my site, it goes through an infinite loading loop. – Julien Sep 7 '10 at 8:47
Interesting problem. Can you provide a link to this site? – jwueller Sep 7 '10 at 9:01

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