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Consider the code:

File file = new File("c:\\temp\\java\\testfile");

testfile is a file, and it may or may not exist. I want to get the directory c:\\temp\\java\\ using the File object. How do I go about doing this?

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In either case, I'd expect file.getParent() (or file.getParentFile()) to give you what you want.

Additionally, if you want to find out whether the original File does exist and is a directory, then exists() and isDirectory() are what you're after.

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thank you, sorry for my blind @,@ –  Zenofo Sep 7 '10 at 8:54
Use file.getParent() carefully, because it may return null in some cases. –  geschema Jul 22 '14 at 9:02


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File API File.getParent or File.getParentFile should return you Directory of file.

Your code should be like :

    File file = new File("c:\\temp\\java\\testfile");
        file = file.getParentFile();

You can additionally check your parent file is directory using File.isDirectory API

    System.out.println("file is directory ");
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File directory = new File("Enter any 
                directory name or file name");
boolean isDirectory = directory.isDirectory();
if (isDirectory) {
  // It returns true if directory is a directory.
  System.out.println("the name you have entered 
         is a directory  : "  +    directory);  
  //It returns the absolutepath of a directory.
  System.out.println("the path is "  + 
} else {
  // It returns false if directory is a file.
  System.out.println("the name you have
   entered is a file  : " +   directory);
  //It returns the absolute path of a file.
  System.out.println("the path is "  +  
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File filePath=new File("your_file_path");
String dir="";
if (filePath.isDirectory())
    dir=filePath.getAbsolutePath().replaceAll(filePath.getName(), "");
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Descriptions are needed. –  Ondkloss Mar 3 at 11:08
Welcome to Stack Overflow! In general, code answers need a little explanation - see this meta Stackoverflow post. With the answer you've posted, you might need to explain you're trying to give a general case and how it relates to the OP's actual post. More seriously - you might want to consider how it would work on your_file_path = "C:\\testfiles\\temp\\testfile"; - I don't think it would give what you hope. –  J Richard Snape Mar 3 at 12:54

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