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I need to read database properties from server.xml and need this information on load of the page.How do I acheive it in GWT ?

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I am not sure if there is anything specific to GWT. But I guess you could use


Or if you use JSP, you could use the application implicit object to get the ServletContext and you can use getResourceAsStream

Some pointers here and here

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In your onModuleLoad() call an RPC through a

DeferredCommand.addCommand(new Command() {
    public void execute () {

where getDbParameters is a method that populates the values for you by calling an RPC.

See http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/doc/latest/DevGuideServerCommunication.html for how to communicate with server.

On the Server side just have your RPC return a HashMap of properties and read those.

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