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OK, I'm sure I'm justing having a brain-fart after 2 weeks Honeymoon in Tuscany... by brains clear, and I'm googled out looking for keywords and how to do it, even scanned down the JQuery Valdate.js looking for the bit that does it...

What I want to do is this; but don't know where to start.

if ($("#errorMessage").exists()){

// Jump browser window down to #errorMessage.


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You can animate it down, like this:

if ($("#errorMessage").length){
  $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: $("#errorMessage").position().top });

You can give it a try here, this just gives a nice transition to the element's positon.

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scrollIntoView would probably solve your problems.

And .exists() would be .length > 0

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Yeh, got a besoke JQuery function that does exactly that, so I can just do an exists() - jQuery.fn.exists = function() { return jQuery(this).length > 0; } – Will Hancock Sep 7 '10 at 11:00
@Will - When writing a plugin just use this.length, this is already a jQuery object inside that context :) – Nick Craver Sep 7 '10 at 11:05

check scrollTop property. you will have to scroll to the position of the element

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Gotcha, thanks, pointed me in the right direction... – Will Hancock Sep 7 '10 at 11:03

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