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I really love testing and building unit tests, but I find it quite annoying having to build tests for a website's workflow.


Register -> Check email -> Activate account -> Login


Login -> Edit details -> Submit and view profile

manual testing = loads of time + tireing

even when using app such as Selenium, going though each iteration and then having to check emails etc...

Is there some way of performing an array of tests in a more efficient way?

How do you guys do it? :)

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I write "functional unit" tests for individual views using Django's test framework. I have found that integration tests are best done using something like Robot Framework. In one of my projects I came up with a minimal, custom implementation of Ward Cunningham's FIT mechanism.

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You probably want a functional testing framework like Cucumber (written in Ruby) or its Python equivalent, Freshen. These allow you to write workflows in a plain-language text format, and the test runner will execute the steps and check the expected results.

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I usually use the Lettuce framework for this kind of testing. You can find it here:

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