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I have a column which is of type nvarchar(max). How do I find the length of the string (or the number of bytes) for the column for each row in the table?

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SELECT LEN(columnName) AS MyLength FROM myTable

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If you want to find out the max there should be a way for you to get the schema of the table. Normally you can do something like SHOW COLUMNS in SQL or a DESCRIBE style command. In a mysql shell that can be shortened to:

desc tablename;

Then if you want to determine the length of a string there is normally a function like LENGTH (for bytes) or CHAR_LENGTH (for characters).

SELECT *, LENGTH(fieldname) AS len FROM tablename
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SELECT LEN(columnName) AS MyLength FROM myTable

I used this query for my table. It displays the size of each row in a particular column.

I need that field name size maximum it allow the characters.

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