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I'm having trouble with gdb and loading debugging information from shared libraries.

The error I get when running from within gdb is:

Error while mapping shared library sections: Success.
>>break container_main
Error cannot access memory at 0x9f18

The shared library in question exists and is located in the same directory, it contains debugging information and is not stripped. The application works as expected.

When issuing info sharedlibrary from within gdb all shared libraries are listen but the from and to data is missing for the shared library in question.

Searched but haven't found any solution.

Edited 8/9/2010: The information given on the following page is a god documentation of what it looks like:


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I'm getting DNS error on, is this link correct? – Jay Mar 16 '11 at 18:31

Googling myself turned up an old bug report and a forum discussion about some similar issue. If you are running GDB version < 6.1 then try upgrading to a newer version.

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I'm running gdb 6.5 and it's this particular application + associated shared libraries that are giving me trouble, other applications seem to work fine. – Kristofer Sep 8 '10 at 6:30

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