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I am rotating an image around it center point but need to track a location on the image as it rotates.


  1. Origin at 0,0
  2. Image width and height of 100, 100
  3. Rotation point at C(50,50)
  4. Angle of "a" (say 90 degrees in this example)
  5. Point P starts at (25,25) and after the rotation it is at Pnew(75,25)

alt text

I haven't touched trig in 20 years but guessing the formula is simple...

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I haven't touched trig in 20 years but guessing the formula is simple...

Yep, fairly. To map the point (x1,y1) via rotation around the origin:

x2 = cos(a) * x1 + sin(a) * y1;
y2 = cos(a) * y1 - sin(a) * x1;

... so you just first need to translate to the origin i.e. (-50,-50) in your example and translate back after rotation.

x2 = cos(a) * (x1 - 50) + sin(a) * (y1 - 50) + 50;
y2 = cos(a) * (y1 - 50) - sin(a) * (x1 - 50) + 50;

... Or something like that. (You can generate a matrix which will do all three transformations, I'll leave that for another answer or as an exercise...)

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Thanks much. At first I didn't think this was working correctly but alas, angles in geometry are effectively counter clockwise. My application treats all angles as clockwise. Just needed to add a couple of negative signs. –  andleer Sep 7 '10 at 17:55

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