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I have a problem maintaining the session after logged in successfully through automation using the:

doc.GetElementById("username").SetAttribute("value", "user");
doc.GetElementById("password").SetAttribute("value", "pass");

it directs to the main page after logged in.

How do i navigate inside the website though automation so not using mt mouse to browse, i need to call a web page that is on the server but there are no links on the web page. you can only access it by URL.

i tried


but after it redirected it gives me a error that i usual get when i am not logged in.

Any suggestions to how i can navigate in the site after logging on?

the idea is to have a website automatically log in and load the webpage

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As a test, does it work if you record the sequence in iMacros for Internet Explorer?

If yes, then you know it works in principle and that it is "only" a coding issue ;)

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