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i have a string that looks like

"<input id=a/>"<input id=b/>"<input id=c/>etc.

I need to change it to

"<input id='a'/>"<input id='b'/>"<input id='c'/>etc,

any ideas how?

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Please put a bit of effort into your questions. Chose a meaningful title, for example. –  hop Dec 14 '08 at 1:51
Wow! Didn't anyone bother to check the formatting before dumping on this question? –  tvanfosson Dec 14 '08 at 2:15
it's still a bad question. what language should the answer be in? why is he dumping a relatively trivial problem on us without the least bit of effort? –  hop Dec 14 '08 at 2:24
I agree that it could be a better question, but when I first checked the OP had a rep of 1 (newbie) and there were 6 downvotes + 3 offensives. I think that if it had been properly formatted it wouldn't have gotten dumped on so bad. I've seen lots of similar RE questions without lang specified. –  tvanfosson Dec 14 '08 at 2:31
@hop - It's a regular expression, so that aspect is pretty language neutral. –  rob Dec 14 '08 at 2:34
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3 Answers

In C# you could write it as:

resultString = Regex.Replace(subjectString, @"(<.*?id\s*=\s*)(\w+)(.*?>)", "$1'$2'$3", RegexOptions.Multiline);

In VB.Net it would simply be:

ResultString = Regex.Replace(SubjectString, "(<.*?id\s*=\s*)(\w+)(.*?>)", "$1'$2'$3", RegexOptions.Multiline)

In canonical Perl, you could write it as:

$subject =~ s/(<.*?id\s*=\s*)(\w+)(.*?>)/$1'$2'$3/mg;


$result = preg_replace('/(<.*?id\s*=\s*)(\w+)(.*?>)/m', '$1\'$2\'$3', $subject);

In Java:

resultString = subjectString.replaceAll("(?m)(<.*?id\\s*=\\s*)(\\w+)(.*?>)", "$1'$2'$3");

In Javascript:

result = subject.replace(/(<.*?id\s*=\s*)(\w+)(.*?>)/mg, "$1'$2'$3");
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life saver! thank you –  Al Katawazi Feb 2 '10 at 18:16
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How about this:

%s/"<input id=\(.\)\/>/"<input id='\1'\/>/g

This would also work:

%s/\("<input id=\)\(.\)\/>/\1'\2'\/>/g
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It's hard to really answer this with just one small sample. For the given sample text, you can search for the regex:


and replace it with:




Depending on whether the programming language you're working with interprets $1 or \1 as a reference to the first capturing group in the replacement text.

This trivial search-and-replace works perfectly on your given sample text.

I fear that it won't work on your actual data. If that's the case, then that's because your sample text isn't representative of your actual data. The hardest part in creating regular expressions is to figure out what you want to match, and what you don't want to match. This is something you have to specify in your question.

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