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Is there a way for me to do the following:

Create a new content object of type 'A':

//The global user is user Y

$node = new Object();
$node->type = 'A'

//Save node - but I want the node to look like it was created by user X

This is a case where user Y does not have 'create A content' permission, but user X does and all content of type A should be created by user X (i.e. the script);

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From Safely Impersonating Another User in the Drupal manual:

global $user;
$original_user = $user;
session_save_session(FALSE); // D7: use drupal_save_session(FALSE);
$user = user_load(array('uid' => 1)); // D7: use user_load(1);

// DO YOUR STUFF HERE, for example node_save($node);
// If your code fails, it's not a problem because the session will not be saved

$user = $original_user;
session_save_session(TRUE); // // D7: use drupal_save_session(TRUE);

// From here on the $user is back to normal so it's OK for the session to be saved
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