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PTK is a 2d c++ framework for developing iphone apps on windows/mac. I followed the tutorial to set up a test app here: http://www.phelios.com/ptk/tuto1/

But I get the error LNK1104: cannot open file 'dxguid.lib'

I am using Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010

My Project Properties/Linker/Input/Additional Dependancies is this: libptkvc.lib ksoundvcstatic.lib winmm.lib opengl32.lib dsound.lib dxguid.lib ddraw.lib d3dx.lib wininet.lib shell32.lib

edit: I can't comment on your answer, so I have to ask here, where would the directory containing dxguid.lib be located?

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Check the library paths in project properties (Project Properties/Linker/General/Additional Library Directories). You probably miss the path that contains the dxguid.lib.

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