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I have a winform app with a TimeSpan column that displays the hours/minutes part of a date. When the user enters text it is converted to a TimeSpan using TimeSpan.TryParse(). This works as expected when the user input is "11:00" in setting a value of 11 hours. The problem is that if the use enters "1100" it is parsed as 1100 days which is not what I want, nor is simply saying "bad input" in the `CellValidating event satisfactory behavior.

The users input is provided in the readonly property DataGridViewCellValidatingEventArgs.FormattedValue so I can't change the value being passed through the call chain. DataGridViewTextBoxCell.EditedFormattedValue is also read only and I can't find any other event or property that lets override the default behavior.

This is very frustrating. I can write a many stepped fall through validater that can handle multiple user input formats and get the intended value from each; but unless I throw away all the strongly typed data binding that the framework offers and instead create a shim object that stores all values as strings there doesn't seem to be any way to do so.

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Somehow among the 10 billion events in the DataGridView I managed to overlook CellParsing. Overriding it lets me do what I need to do.

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