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I am using a WCF to upload a file to a server.

public interface IFileTransferService
  void UploadFile(Stream stream);

The problem here is, that I don't get information on whether the operation was succesful or not. Of course I may get an exception when the server does not respond, but how can the server report an specific error to the client.

Is this scenario supported by WCF? I am using .NET 4.0 both on the server and client. How else could I archive the desired behavior?

Thanks for your help!

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You can modify your UploadFile operation to return value / DataContract instead of void to report operation result.

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Ok, it first didn't work for me because of another thing and first I didn't see the actual exception. –  ollifant Sep 8 '10 at 20:26

If the call completes no error has occured. You should also wrap the call in a try-catch block and check for FaultExceptions.

Also what Ladislav said: add a return value.

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